April 12, 2023
I went into school today not knowing that a band was coming to do a presentation! At first I thought it would be the most cheesy lame thing ever... "Finantial literature rocks!" Yeah, seems like the cheesiest thing ever, which TBH, it was pretty cheesy, but It was way cooler than I expected. The band intruduced themselves (Gooding) right as someone pulled the fire alarm, LOL talk about bad timing! We went out just like the fire drills, before going back in and watching the show. The songs were pretty good and I had alot of fun! Live music is always a blast. They then went on and gave a little presentation on building wealth and stuff, and clearly they were talking from experience, and they made good points. Overall, I had a good time, way better than going into P.E.!

♫ Track of the day: Troublemaker- Gooding

Feb 24, 2023
Today was pretty swag,, haha.. I decided you know, fuck it its a friday so i skipped the first half of the schoolday so i could skate to this old spot i used to hang at and have a j yanno, then i got munchies so i got myself dunkin donuts hha.
♫ Track of the day: Day N' nite - Kid cudi

Jan 24, 2023
Today is my birthday!! now im offically an adult! My boyfriend said he got some gifts for me, and when I get home im gonna eat good! im excited to say the least! Being 18 is kinda weird, but kinda not at all? Like, I'm the same dude. The worst part about it really is it just makes me feel like a bum for not having a car or a job lmao. Hopefully the rest of today goes good! If anything sick happens I'll let you know tommorow! See ya!
♫ Track of the day: Birthday Cake- Cibo Matto

Jan 9, 2023
Yesterday was my boyfriend's birthday, we went out to eat and had a lot of fun! Recently I've been super inspired artisitcally speaking.. so expect some cool shit to come out soon! Including.... (drumroll pls) A new page! I've decided I'm going to be making a page on this site for all of my original characters !! I'm pretty bad at writing lore and even worse at remembering it, so I'm sure it'll help me keep track of all that info. :-)
♫ Track of the day: Survival of the fittest- Mobb Deep

Jan 3, 2023
Soo.. winter break is over! I had a lot of fun :) My christmas and new year both went perrty good! I got a bong for christmas so i smoked that mostly over the break haha.. ive nicknamed her Bertha bc shes a big mean bitch of a bong.. Happy 2023!
♫ Track of the day: Fuck tha police- N.W.A.

Dec 16, 2022
Today is the last day before winter break! I wrapped up a cute little gift for my boyfriend, I really hope he likes it! :)
I think my christmas is gonna go just fine, i mean for some reason no in my family is really in the christmas spirit, and they haven't really been out shopping, so we're probably gonna be giving eachother cash or something! I may go out shopping either tonight or tomorrow? Not really sure. Anyway, to whoever is reading this... if i don't post here again before christmas... Have a merry christmas! (or at least a nice break)
♫ Track of the day: U.N.- Owen was her? - Touhou OST

Nov 28, 2022
Soo.. Thanksgiving Break is OVER!! I had a pretty good break actually !! I didn't have to go out and see my extended family or anything, which is lucky!! I got to basically just stay inside and I got super stoned like the whole break lmfao. Right now im in my study hall or whatever, killing time by updating my blog :p. Probably gonna play some shovel knight dig when i get home bc i just got that for the steam sale and its pretty fun! ALso today is cyber monday sooo im probably gonna order a new mouse and keyboard (the ones im using on my PC suck WICKED ASS) Theyre gonna be like vintage style burgandy ass and everything! kinda excited :)
♫ Track of the day: 3's & 7's - Queens of the Stone Age

Nov 22, 2022
Hello again :D Im pretty happy today because i actually grinded out some art!! check out my newgrounds to go see it!! other than that i ate some bombg ass brownies and played ribbit (the deltarune hack), it was pretty fun and really funny! My boyfriend also started his new job today, and im super proud of him!! anyway, You're probably ITCHING to find out what the song of the day is, I mean like on the EDGE OF YOUR SEAT!!!!
♫ Track of the day: Onett - Earthbound OST

Nov 12, 2022
Heyo! So basically today i just stayed in and chilled! i sketched some dumb stuff up and played a ton of tf2 too :) I honestly dont know what to type here since i basically just did nothing lol, since i did some cool sketches, expect some finished work soon!
♫ Track of the day: So fresh, so clean- Outkast

Nov 11, 2022
Hello, this is my first blog post! Recently Ive been Messing around in sonic frontiers since it came out pretty recently! It's definitely not the best game of all time but I've been having fun with it! Expect a full review once i finish the game! Other than that, nothing much is going on really. typing this in my Science class since its so boring and i hate actually doing work lmao. Today's also a half day so I'm probably gonna skate and grab some lunch at mcdonalds or something..
♫ Track of the day: Away - Toadies