Ok I gotta stop with talking about my dumb little ideas on here, because I will probably will never actually do any of them to be completly honest. Unless you, the reader(s), like hearing about them, if so, heres another dumb idea: Starting a gaming clan! Think of the old days where websites and forums would run their own game servers, all the users would have a cool tag in their name (that might just be an esports thing) and a lot of times their own unique maps and even gamemodes! I'm a total noob when it comes to mapping to be honest, but with some collaboration, we could probably have some really pretty and fun to play maps. Anyway, I also wanted to talk about this summer update, which is pretty big for us mappers, since that seems to be the main focus of the update (non-holiday maps) I haven't really tried to get anything in, and it's too late now to make anything, but now that i think of it, I probably could have made some warpaints, since It's just making textures that look good together. Here's some stuff I hope gets in:
════ ⋆★⋆ ════

To be honest I haven't played that much of the original, plugin-version of VSH or freak fortress. From what I have played though, It's a pretty fun mode! This version of it seems a lot more polished and fitting in the actual TF2. (and I love the comics) That's why I would love to see it added! One gripe I have with it though is that It might not get much play, as I imagine It's going straight into the 'MISC' group even if it gets added.

Dried up old Boones

This is a really cool map and I think it would be a really good edition. The team who worked on it are all very expericenced mappers, who really get how the game works, so I'm sure this map will be great gameplay-wise. (It's also really pretty!)

Smells Fishy!

This map is dopesauce. The whole docks theme really fits in and it looks good gameplay wise! I really like the both new and repurposed prop choices.
That's all for today! Buh-bye!

Posted March 2nd, 2023.

Ignoring the (maybe, probably) upcoming renovation of this site, I wanted to talk about experementing with mapping with other source games in mind. Behind the scenes, I have made a few test maps in gmod, but nothing really serious. I first wanna try making an Open Fortress map, the main reason being the movement! So far I've thrown the normal version of koth_goobie in OF, and the movement along with the boost pads already in the map really made for a fun combination. I think making maps with b-hopping and weapon pickups sounds like a blast, but I'm not really sure how to set up the assets needed, so I'll do some research. Half-life 2 seems like a fun idea too! Creating my own half life campaign with linar maps seems interesting. I'm not familiar with load triggers, map transitions, and stuff like that. I would even look into adding modded weapons or enemies, but again, I'm not sure how any of that works. I'm gonna go do some research, stay frosty out there.

Posted, April 11th, 2023

soo.. I kinda forgot I was gonna do, well, pretty much everything I said I would do down below. I made a map tour of my newest map in video form, but I never ended up posting map tours for my older maps like I said. AND I forgot that the gimmick of this site was supposed to be a newspaper with comics at the end of it, like garfield or calvin and hobbs. So, expect a slight revamp of this page. I'm not sure if i should archive this version, or maybe I should just retro-fit the previous updates... We'll see what happens I guess.

Posted April 7th, 2023

New Video!
I got around to making a video!
This is something I've been wanting to do for a while now, and last night I was bored, so i stayed up and churned this out.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Posted March 25th, 2023

And the map is out! I took a while, but I finally finished it up and released it on both the steam workshop and I decided to name it retropork because I didn't want the map name to be completely the same, but still wanted it to be easy enough to recognize. After all, the map has some pretty big differences! Like the new underground sewer route, which adds an alternate way to get to that intel!
(and is a pyroshark heaven)

I tried my best to make this map make a bit more sense in-universe by adding detail props around the map and including a dusty outdoor setting rather than the completely sterile areas found in the original oldham

The intel room has been completely re-done, as said before. Since this is the most important room in the map, I wanted to put a little extra work into it. I made sure that the ammo packs are far away enough that it would be just a little harder to set up a engie nest, but at the same time, I wanted to make sure it was easy enough to defend.

I'm very glad this map is finally out! If you think it looks fun, go ahead and download it! If you want more info on the map, Check out my tour video over on youtube!( here ) Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

Posted Jan 17th, 2023.

Ok so here's a little update for you: I'm no longer working on the christmas map! Now I'm working on making a remake of my first map, oldham, with new pathways and such
ive been having issues compiling the current version of the new oldham, probably because the map is a little too open and huge... Since the original map was really basic and small, i kinda wanted to go in the opposite direction by making the map larger and more detailed visually, which ended up making the map stray TOO far from the original idea. So, at the moment, I'm thinking I'll try to make an in-between version. The new map features a larger focus on the intel. in the old map, it was positioned pretty poorly. It was just a tiny room with a slope, with only one entrance/exit. This SUCKS because having two ways to exit/enter the intel room is better for the whole back and fourth combat thats in ctf matches. It will also probably help stop turtling, since a spy can catch the engie off gaurd by using the other entrance. Overall, I've tried to make the map more balanced and a little less one-dimentional.

Posted Jan 3rd,2023

hello hi
um hello i just wanted to say that like, the map im making rn is supposed to be christmas themed or whatever but im sure its gonna take all year to complete and polish, so ig expect it to be DONE done by next year! I kinda forgot that i was gonna to that map tour thing tbh... i'll do it eventually lmao. uh if you want any like specifics, I think im gonna have to remove the props that ive added honestly way to early in the map's deveolopment, and im gonna bring it down to be a little more easy to load and compile. I still havent set any lighting up either, which i would like to do before i copy the blu side of the map and recolor it for the red side. (it's a symetrical 3 point map )

Posted Dec 12th, 2022

I decided that I would make a little post here about what to expect soon! Of course I'm going to post about any new map updates, but I also thought it would be fun (and useful for you) to make a series of posts going over my previous maps and their development cycle. At the moment, I have 3 maps up on the workshop page. All of those will get their own dedicated post, with screenshots. A fourth map is on the way, which I will start posting about soon. By the way, that winter crate just dropped yesterday, and I kinda like it! they really didn't go overboard with like, the elf hats and I like the taunts! That's really all for today! See you soon!

Posted Dec 6th, 2022

Grand Opening
This is the first post to this webpage! I'm glad to finally have this site up! I've been thinking about making it for a long time. This page was created to share to you, the reader, to all of my TF2 related projects, all compressed into short little bite sized dev-logs, occasonally coming with a bonus comic along with the post! If you want to catch up with my stuff, check out my workshop page, which is the link above!

Posted Dec 1st, 2022